The Chinese style on the watch is being popular all over the world.

The gradual rise of Chinese style

Chinese style, in the last century, has been excluded and forgotten by us. But in this century, we have a deep Chinese style again. The Chinese style is also popular all over the world. The Chinese wind not only contains Chinese characters, but also Chinese Chinese, in addition, China’s cultural symbols, cultural patterns, cultural traditions, and cultural philosophy have become the focus of the world. Why do the Chinese wind blows all over the world? Why is Chinese to learn in the world? Why are all the world talking about China? This is because China is rising, because China is gradually powerful. Behind China’s rise and power is the revival of Chinese tradition and Chinese culture.

In the last century, there are still many people who worship the ocean, and have been taking Europe and the United States. I have been taking Japanese and South Korea. But now, even Japanese and Europe and America are actively studying China, Japan and South Korea and Europe and America are also closely gaze China. China Kung Fu, Chinese Panda, Chinese Chinese Characters have become the object of the world, and the Chinese wind blows in the world.

Many fields begin to popular Chinese wind

Huawei opened the Hongmeng system, became a mobile phone operating system opened by Chinese culture as a background, breaking the layer monopoly of Europe and the United States, so that there is a place in China in the operating system. This shows that our culture is very vivid. China’s culture is also a long flow. The 21st century will be China’s century, and the 21st century will have to make Chinese culture once again. China’s cultural studies have ended, so that the world is amazing, and China’s cultural stretch has made the world.

Many popular music in China, now we must draw nutrition from ancient culture, many retro winds, Chinese music in Chinese wind, once again become a fashion. A lot of Chinese movies, no longer Chongyang, but re-examine the Chinese own, re-understanding the local culture of China, so that Chinese culture has once again showed the vitality. Clothing with Chinese style, festival with Chinese style, diet with Chinese style, customs with Chinese style, is intact, which is the vitality of Chinese culture.

Some cultural scholars have always been thinking, why Chinese culture has such a strong vitality, which is that Chinese culture is deeply rooted in China’s fertile soil. There is such a land, which will make Chinese culture stretch. Therefore, the Chinese style will inevitably blow all the world, and the Chinese style will also write a history of concentrate heavy color.

Chinese style in the wrist field: Baohang list

In the watch area, we have been pursuing the appearance and design concept of western watches, thinking that only Western tables can be worn. So in the previous watches, all are western style watches, very few Chinese elements on the watch. But now, China has become a strong country in China, let the Chinese wind blow all over the world. There are many people in the world who are learning Chinese, and many people in the world are learning Chinese characters. China’s Tang poetry, Chinese son, becoming the object of the world’s countries.

It can be seen that China has become the focus of the world’s attention, with Chinese style watches, and once again become a popular trend of the watch. China’s 12th Zodiac, China’s dragon and phoenix pattern, China’s Taiji eight gossip, China’s Fu Lu Shou, Chinese characters, these antique Chinese elements, will not let us feel old soil, and will not let us feel that time, but Become the most fashionable elements.

The manufacturing process of the watch also uses many Chinese ancient crafts, such as processes, gold casting technology, jade carving crafts, dyeing crafts, calligraphy crafts, painting, etc., all rejuvenated new vitality, with Chinese ancient The craft watch, once again become the most fashionable watch style, becoming the fashion in the watch.

Many Chinese style features that Swiss Baohang’s famous tables have also become the most explosive watch type. For example, the treasure name is a series of jade tables 12 students, the aircraft list privately subscribed dragon and phoenix, etc., all of the traditional Chinese ancient crafts, once again in front of people. We can find an antique China by choosing a Chinese style watch.

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