Watches should have different parts in different occasions

In our lives, the watch is an indispensable timing helper and decorative items. The watch is dwed, and sometimes it is the same as part of the body. Without a watch, we don’t know the time, no watch, our dress is not fashionable. For men, the watch is essential, as the saying goes, the male looks at the table, the female looks. So a woman’s taste needs to be conveyed through a package, and the taste of men needs to pass through the table.

Watches are essential in our lives, and always wear them. But the watch also needs to match our lives, we must understand the watch, use different watches in different occasions, we will be more beautiful, we will be more elegant. If our watch is inappropriate, we will make us feel hard, we will be very embarrassed. In addition, even if we spend a lot of money, it is just a waste of wealth, no use of slightly. So we must understand consumption, understand how to spend money, know how to match. We have to understand what kind of watch happens in what case, so we will become the best person.

Men’s watch should be worn in the right hand

Wear a watch, in medicine, we have to keep your body’s healthy and comfortable. Therefore, wearing a watch cannot be too tight. If the wrist watch will cause the blood vessels of our wrist to be oppressed, it causes our body to have dizzy phenomena. So when we wear a watch, let the form chain easier so that we will be more comfortable.

According to the medical view, the male blood is from the end of the heart to the left, and the woman is reversed. So we don’t compress heart blood vessels in order to make our heart healthy. So for men, we need to put the watch in the right wrist, so it will not compress the blood vessel. For women, we need to wear the wrist watch on the left hand, so that blood vessels will not be oppressed. Under normal circumstances, the wrist cannot be oppressed, so male should not wear the watch to the left hand, but to wear in the right hand.

Watch wearing formal occasion

We sometimes participate in some formal meetings, attend some official banquets, ceremonies, etc. When we participate in these official events, we must look more solemn, not too casual or too sprouted. So our watches we wear need very solemn, very tone. Some extra extravagant watches, some grunge watches, some flowers of flowers, are not suitable for wear. Because many people will participate in these official occasions, others see that our watches are not solemn and elegant, will leave a very bad impression on others. Our watches need to consistent with our costume style, otherwise it will be very embarrassing. Clothing should be very elegant costumes, so it will be equipped with very elegant watch. If there are a lot of gems jewelery on our clothing, then we should also have gem jewelry on our watch, which will also look very well. If our clothing is simple, then our watch is more simple. The dial design of the watch should also be very serious, not a flower whistle, so it is suitable for us to participate in the formal occasion.

Social gathering watch wear method

When we participated in some friends gatherings, our classmates, this time is more followed, our clothing should not be too serious, but to have a harmonious, easily, this will create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we can use yourself Friends talk together. Some casual clothes, such as some half-sleeved shirts, etc., you can match some of our casual watches. These casual watches can be a large surface of the fine steel sheet, and then with some casual clothing, such a watch When participating in the party, we are definitely the most bright. The watch should be more fancy, according to our specific hobbies, for example, we like the literary, the dial needs some art. If we like life, the dial needs to have a living. This way our social gatherings will be more successful.

Watching method when working at work

When we work everyday, we need to wear a more durable watch, because the watch should often accompany our daily work, so it is practical. Some stainless steel chains or some precious metal watches will look very spirit, we will also be more practical in the workplace. At work, our watches should not be too external to the outside of the watch, but to pay attention to the internal operation of the watch. Watches can accompany us to handle work, this is the best watch. In the workplace, we have to work hard to become the protagonist, so we have to wear a very tough watcher.

Watching method during exercise exercise

When we exercise, we wear the watch should be a sports style watch.Some sports tables can help us calculate energy consumption, but also help us calculate speed.Some gentlemen gathers of some Chinese rules are not suitable for wearing when we exercise. We need to choose some of the exhaust-resistant sports watches. The fine steel chain is not suitable for us, because it is too hard, we will not be very moving.Comfortable.Instead, choose some more soft, wear-resistant rubber sports watches, which also wore a feeling of metal oppression.Sports watches are mixed with our sportswear, not only is very appearance, but also very moving atmosphere, we can make yourself have a strong body.The look of the watch is critical to us, we have to know how to wear a watch healthily, and also know how to match our costumes, choose different apparel and watches in different occasions, so that our quality of life is promoted!

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