Baohang Name: Your success is well known

Ma Yun once said that this world is unfair. So we see someone else have luxury villas. When someone has a luxurious car, it is also what others have, not us. Nowadays, the state protects private property, encouraging many people to work hard, try to make money, so we will see that many people suddenly be rich, which is also protected by law. We can’t think that this is unfair, this society is running in accordance with established rules, so we have to work hard to create greater success.

If we are still innocent, we can get good treatment, or in happiness, it is not possible to live in happiness. Our happiness requires us to fight for it, our wealth also needs us to earn. Make money for yourself, not to say that we will pay, nor, we have lost ideals. We make money, is the cause of the legal premise, this is the characteristics of the times to the new era. We will not eat big pots like before, we can’t figure average as before. So we will see a lot of emerging aristocratic classes, they live in a rich living environment, which is the benefits of wealth brings them.

We must be successful, you need to make a plan in advance and prepare it in advance. This way we may create greater achievements. In our China, and the world, capital is an important channel in which you can vertically, there is a capital, we are equal to success. So what is the capital, some people say that it is money, and some people say that it is a background, and some people say it is a human, and some people say it is an opportunity. In fact, these factors can be said to be capital, only we caught these Things, we will have more achievements.

In the United States, there are many successful people, such as Bill Gates, through entrepreneurship, becoming the world’s richest, let Bill Gates’s Microsoft sell well all over the world, the world’s computer uses a Microsoft operating system. Such a big success is that Bill Gates is coming, nor is it falling in the sky. Therefore, we need to work together to move towards the road to success. After we succeed, our success will be well known, and people are arguing.

Why is this world unfair? Because we are not the same, we are not the same batch of products produced with the same manufacturer, so we have a big difference between us, this is where the gap between us is. The gap leads us to face different opportunities, different environments. Factory products, some products will be very popular, and there are also many products that can not sell, and they are destroyed. This is the gap. For these industrial products, they will feel unfair, why is it very popular, and some can’t sell it. This is also affected by external demand, if the external demand is high, then it is very popular. If the external demand is sluggish, there is no sales.

Our life is different, and the same people like us, why do people have high income, have a good job, and we don’t? This is caused by the gap between us, so we can’t complain that the world is unfair. Instead, think about how to change our situation, how to let us go even more success. Before successful, many rich people are just ordinary people. For example, Ma Huateng, such as Ma Yun, they pass their own efforts, and finally moved to success.

There is a famous law, called “10,000 hours of the law”, meaning that we want to create greater success in a certain field, you need to focus on a certain field, he must become an expert in this field. So we need enough effort to spend a certain field so that we can succeed.

On a successful road, we must face a lot of difficulties and a lot of setbacks. But we have to work hard to face, and start their brains, do happen, so we can create greater glory. Ma Yun, Ma Huanthen, they know how to seize the opportunity, know how to plan the future, know how to face difficulties, only to do this is the success of success.

Now, we have the opportunity to succeed, but this requires us to have enough minds, but also have good opportunities, and the unswerving determination, so we will create greater success. I believe that we will have successful one day, our success will be well known. The aircraft list, as a Swiss brand watch, has experienced a very bumpy process. The aircraft list is created since 1897, and it has been more than a hundred years. During the period, I have experienced two world wars. I have experienced the cold war. I have experienced a lot of the winds of the world, but the aircraft list has always been insisting, and the vitality of the Baohang is very powerful. This is because the genital list has a successful gene in it.

In the 21st century, the birthplace of the Baohang has successfully landed China and became a well-known watch brand. Zhang Liping, the president of the treasure market, has experienced a very bumpy life, from the previous ordinary watchmaking workers, transforming to the current business, have experienced many bumps, experienced many wind and rain, let Zhang always move to success, Zhang Hong’s success is a history of struggle. So we can’t complain that the world is unfair, one day, we will create greater success. When you succeed, your success will be well known. When you succeed, you will also be admired by more people.

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