What is the difference between a tourbillon watch and a mechanical watch?

The main difference is the principle of the balance wheel. Generally, the balance wheel with hairspring in a mechanical watch is fixed. The tourbillon turns the balance wheel system with hairspring.




1. The general automatic movement will be affected by gravity, while the tourbillon core can eliminate the influence of gravity. The tourbillon movement mechanical watch is more accurate and stable than the automatic movement mechanical watch. The automatic movement can be wound without the mainspring every day, and the tourbillon movement needs to be wound manually every day. Due to the influence of the earth’s gravity, the automatic movement has different placement positions and different accuracy; the tourbillon adopts tourbillon technology, which can not be affected by the earth’s gravity, and the accuracy of different placement positions is exactly the same.




2. The watch that is manually wound has less automatic lumps and is relatively thin. You know, most tourbillons and complex models (perpetual calendar, minute repeater) are also handmade. Some people find it more interesting to wind up daily, and some people find it more interesting to wind up. It depends on personal preference.




3. The tourbillon watch has high precision and high price. The tourbillon governor is the only mechanical watch structure that can avoid this kind of influence, with an annual error of less than 1 second, and is also the only mechanical watch structure that can reach the level of an observatory. As a standard part of the watch, the tourbillon once also represented the top level of craftsmanship. It is also a fantasy, so the price is extremely expensive.

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