Nine different from quartz tables and mechanical tables

1. Different power sources

The power of quartz watches is derived from the battery, and the general quartz watch battery can be used for about 3 years.

The power of the mechanical watch is derived from the hair strip, the internal rolled steel strip, and the watch movement is accommodated by a roll-edge steel strip. The manual mechanical table needs to be manually upper chain, and the automatic mechanical table only requires a sufficient amount of exercise in our arm, you can automatically load it. The mechanical table is excellent in work, with the best in Switzerland, and gives a handwriting a certain driving force by the wearer’s movement or the clockwork.

2. Different errors

The quartz table is precise, and the error will not be more than a few seconds in 1 year.

The errors of the mechanical table are large, and due to the difference between the watch movement, the error is different. The error of the mechanical table is due to the influence of the internal parts, or the part is aging, it is not accurate enough. According to the accuracy of the movement, there will be certain errors when the mechanical gauge will go, and it will be normal every day, it is normal. If you don’t worhip with it for a long time, you will stop it. However, both the mechanical meter serves as a symbol of identity and taste, which is strong.

3. Different appearance

Quartz tables often focus on the design of the watch, so there are many different appearances.

The mechanical form is often relatively simple, because most of the mechanical tables are the mechanical internal quality, not very paying attention to the appearance. The mechanical table is affected by the internal structure, and there is often no quartz form in the style, and the new release is very long. Pursuing the appearance of fashion, chooses quartz table. Pursue taste and preservation, select a mechanical watch.

4. Different characters

Quartz table has quartz, meaning quartz table.

The mechanical table indicates Automatic, which means automatic machinery.

When we choose a watch, we can distinguish the letters on the watch.

5. Second handling different ways

When the quartz table of the quartz table, beat it every second.

The mechanical stop movement is not beating, but is not interrupted.

6. The sound of the watch seconds should be different

When we listen to the watch dial sound, the second hand of quartz table is a rhythm of a sudden, 咔, 咔, 咔,.

The mechanical table is an uninterrupted mechanical operation sound, the sound is small, but the sound is fast, it is a very rhythm.

7. Price difference

Ordinary quartz table prices are relatively low because quartz tables have a lower production cost.

The mechanical list is high, because the mechanical table has a large cost of production and has a collection value of collection.

8. Different life

Generally, a line of quartz meters has 8 years, because quartz table needs to replace the battery.

The driving force of the mechanical table can be provided for a long time, and the tapered steel strip is not easy to damage. If maintenance is good, the life of the mechanical watch can reach more than 20 years.

9. Maintenance

Quartz table requires a battery for 2-3 years.

The mechanical table does not need to change the battery, but the mechanical table should also follow the maintenance cycle, every other period of time, to make the inside of the watch, replace the oil, and clean up the inside of the watch.

Baohang’s famous table, our production watches for 16 years, more than 100 million, how many people are our watches to come into north?

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