Which part of the mechanical meter consists of?

The mechanical core internal structure is complex, and the different parts interact, so that the entire watch dial is stabilized. Then what components are generally in the mechanical movements?

One, time display system. The display section is the watch of the watch, the watch of the watch can display the watch, minutes, seconds, and weeks, time, etc. The display portion can be three-needle display, or four needle display, which depend on the style of the watch dial design. The second needle of the watch can be used with the same axis, or a separate appearance can also be used. The display portion is the final display section of the watch operation. The watch movement is stable and accurate, and the clockwink, minute, second needle, second hand, the date and week are also very accurate. If there is a problem with the operation of the movement, it will cause a watch to take an error, or the watch is too fast, or the watch is too slow, or the watch stops. At this time, you need to repair the movement so that you can guarantee that your watch is working properly. The display portion of the watch can be designed with different colors and style, which can be in line with the hobbies of the user.

Second, the upper cutting needle system. The upper dial system of the mechanical watch is an important system for adjusting the watch pointer. We can turn the mechanical table by turning the crown, to the mechanical table, and store the mechanical storage. It is also possible to give the mechanical table dialect through the crown, and the mechanical table pointer after the needle is more accurate. When the upper cutting needle system is on the upper strip, turn the watch handle, with a handle shaft, a handle bar, and the clutch rod, and finally drive the clutch spring of the watch, which can drive the watch of the watch to be a watch energy. The needle system is turned by turbine, separating the blank, and drives the span wheel, and finally rotates the watch of the school opponent. The upper compass system contains the upper tuning and dial system if there is a calendar function, and can also be converted to the gear position of the dial, and adjust the calendar of the watch. This is the upper compass system of the watch. The upper or dial of the watch is achieved by vertical intersection.

Third, the watch protocol system. The source system of the watch is like a car engine, all of which comes from this. The most important part in the prototype system is a clock, followed by a box wheel, as well as a strip cover and a bar shaft. The clock of the watch is a thin spiral steel sheet with a length between 20 to 60 cm and the thickness is between 0.005 to 0.2 mm. The power of the watch protocol system is provided by the closing. The elasticity and thickness of the closing determine the size of the power and the length of the mechanical table. The better the elasticity, the stronger the power, the worse the elasticity, the lower the power. The original energy in the mechanical table is from the sending system. The release is that the elastic potential energy stored in the hair strip is converted to mechanical energy, allowing the watch to operate. When the flexibility of the closing is released, the release will stop running. At this time, the watch will lack kinetic energy. If it is an automatic upper chain mechanical table, we need to move as a watch by sports. If it is a manual upper chain mechanical watch, we need to be on the chain of the watch by manual watch.

Fourth, power communication system. The power conveyor system consists of many gears, and the operation of the watch is achieved by converting the kinetic energy in the power system into mechanical energy. Dynamic communication system drives the order: After tightening the chain, it will generate tension to push the hair strips and gears to generate thrust, thereby further driving the second new cars, further drive three passenger and four-way car small second needle, and five cars ( The rover), the escape wheel drives the guide fork and finally drives the balances. The parts included in the power transmission system include: automatic system, automatic maidge plate, automatic car, automatic two car, stop, automatic three-family car, clutch spring, automatic four cars. Under normal circumstances, the two rounds belong to the central wheel, three rounds belong to the transition wheel, four rounds are commonly known as seconds.

Five, escape speed control system. In the movement of the watch, the escapement system is a periodic oscillating of the swing wheel wire to ensure that the watch pointer is precise. Keep the speed control mechanism for accurate and regular continuous movement. The means to take the regulation and the devices of the segmentation time include a balance, a swing axis, a wire component, a double disk member, an escape wheel member, and an escapement component. The escapement speed control system consists of an escapement mechanism and a regulator mechanism, and the escapement includes an escape wheel and an escapement fork, and the “tick” sound emitted by the watch is emitted by these two parts collision. The escape speed control system prevents the release of energy from being released, allowing the hair to maintain long-term operation.

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