Baohang Name: We are all people looking for time

“Where is the time,” is the episode of “Privately Customized” on December 23, 2013. This song has become a topic of people. In this era, we have shed the time too fast, many of us, from a child, soon it grows into middle-aged people. In this process, we seem to be lost. When we look back, we will find that we have been rushing to the distance to the distance, and it will not go back. Time is in a hurry, hurried, and quietly, quietly walk. Our time is very precious. Many people are busy, busy, busy for the livelihood, busy to rush for their careers, busy for the family, when they find that they have exhausted, do not know what they have done What is worthy of missing things.

We always thought that there were a lot of time, there were a lot of beautiful wishes, but after the passage of the years, we will find that many dreams have not been achieved, and many of the wishes are not completed. Time is the preciousness of us, and each of us is looking for time, each of us is saving time.

In such a busy era, we are all running with time, we all hope that you can have more time to make money, have more time to rest, have more time to learn. But we will always find time is always not enough, and time is always very small. Sometimes, we hope that if there is 25 hours a day, more than an hour, we can play well, will not let us feel too tired every day. But that is just a dream, it is impossible to have 25 hours in reality, so we can only admire the preciousness of time.

A foreign novel is the “person” of the British writer Kate Thompson’s “people” is also the story of exploring time. In this book, it is very exciting for time, and the ideas are also very novel. The protagonist in the novel came to an eternal place from an annoying reality. In the eternal land, just like a paradise, the paradise and bliss in religion. In such a world, we are no longer afraid of a lot of time, but there are a lot of time. This world is like a dream, but there is a lot of crises, that is because there is too much time to face destruction because there is too much time. Since human beings have leaked the time to eternal land, humans become very rush, but I don’t know where time is discovered. People hope that time can be more worse, but time is always not enough, it seems to be the same as it leaked.

But in fact, in life, we will always waste a lot of useful time, which is why us feel that our time is always insufficient. Because in real life, we need to face social activities. In this process, we have consumed it in some useless activities. In addition, we will also do a lot of useless efforts and things, these things will always spend a lot of time, but they are some useless work. So only left to us, there is only time to miss the time.

We are all people looking for time, we hope to use time and better arrange time better. Take a little meaningful time from our busiest activities, draw a little commemorative time from our short life. Time requires us to arrange reasonably, we need to save time. We need to know what is meaningful, what is meaningful, we have to use the meaningful things so that we will have more time. Our real life is the truest and eternal place.

I hope that we can use all the time and no longer sigh the preciousness. Wear a watch, we can know that every minute is precious, we will also know that the lost years are not returned, we will know that our time is very precious. Therefore, we must cherish time and reasonably use time, so we will spend the best life!

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