The difference between an automatic mechanical watch and a mechanical watch

The principle is different. Automatic mechanical watches do not need to be wound, and rely on the rotation of the flywheel in the movement to realize the operation of the watch; the spring inside the movement of the mechanical watch must be manually tightened after it is released, so it needs to be wound frequently.

1. The manual mechanical movement, as its name suggests, is a watch that needs to be manually wound. Therefore, its power needs to be powered by the winding system to store power for the mainspring and then provide power for the movement of the movement. Generally speaking, the power of a full string can keep the mechanical watch movement running for 48-72 hours. From the dial, the timekeeping of the hands is consistent and evenly rotating.




2. The internal movement components of fully automatic mechanical watches are composed of mechanical parts, which are balance-spring-type watches powered by a mainspring. Mechanical watches are composed of movement and appearance parts. The movement includes the transmission system, the prime mover system, the winding needle system, the escapement speed control system, and the pointer system. The movement parts are combined by a splint and screws; the appearance parts are composed of the case, dial, hands, It is composed of watch strap and other parts.




3. The automatic mechanical watch has a design to prevent the clockwork from being too tight and breaking. When the mainspring is tightened to a certain degree, although the oscillating weight still rotates, the gears that connect the oscillating weight are disconnected from other gears and parts, and no longer force the mainspring, so as to prevent the mainspring from being overwounded. And snapped.


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