The front of the truck, the predecessor of the Swiss table

The carriage is a very ancient transportation tool in the world. In ancient China and the ancient Western ancient times, the carriage has been regarded as an important means of transportation. In the ancient Chinese spring and autumn Warring States Period, there is already a carriage, and the carriage is not only used for transportation, but also for war. As early as the spring and autumn, people use the carriage as a vehicle. The story of ancient Confucius around the country is that the carriage is traveling, the carriage is essential in that time. And the Qin Shihuang’s bronze truck became the precious cultural relics of the world, we can learn about the status of the carriage during the Qin dynasty. After Qin Shihuang unified China, build Qin Live Road, similar to the current highway, is a lane that is specially driven by the carriage of Qin Shihuang. The carriage is often the mainstream transportation of the carriage until the 19th century. The carriage contributed great power to our productive economic development in ancient times.

In the West, the carriage has also experienced a long history. As early as 2000 BC, several tribes near the Black Sea, in the Chitizi Jean Block River Basin, the first Malla car, opened the history of the European carriage. In the ancient Roman Dengfeng, the ancient Roman Empire, the ancient Roman Empire, built a 80,000-kilometer flat avenue, and the strong four-wheeled transport carriage rumbled over the avenue and established the first European first good land transportation system. In the United States, since the 18th century, the carriage has always been an important means of transport. In many countryside, many farmers have used the carriage to transport. The American writer Salone, which records the icebank of the ice car that once on the side of Walden, the ice of Walden, is transported by the carriage. It is important to see that the carriage is at that time.

In modern Europe, the carriage will also be used as tourism, many nobles, will take the carriage to other places to see. The earliest European royal family will use a carriage. Traffic contacts between some major cities in Europe, also use carriages, many rural roads are far away, and carriages are essential. In the ancient European ancient Europe, people began to try on the carriage table on the carriage. The shape of the carriage is relatively simple, but the reality is relatively clear, people can clearly view the time on the carriage. Because the carriage is very bumpy, this is the biggest difference between the carriage and the pocket watch.

The carriage table needs to have a good protective shell, which can protect the carriage watch is not bumped. The earliest menist will cost a lot of mind in order to design a good truck watch. The size of the carriage is large, similar to the clock. The carriage surface is better, and the bumps, the case is a very thick material, which prevents the bump damage to the carriage table. In addition, the carriage surface also has a third layer of protective shell, such a protective shell, can reinforce the truck, and play a good shock absorption.

The function of the carriage is also relatively abundant. There is also the function of the question and alarm clock. Asking the question function is that the owner can understand the time through the truck watch, whether it is dark night, or at any time, the owner can understand the time. In addition, the carriage table also has alarm clock function. When the carriage is tired, you can wake up the owner at any time, which prevents fatigue driving, preventing the production of a car accident.

Although the truck is large, the internal movement is very precise. So the price of a carriage table is very high. Therefore, the carriage table is a typical luxury goods, which has been used in the European upper society, some royal family, nobles, and upper people can use the truck, used for tourism, adventure and hunting.

In the 17th, 18th century, the development experienced a long history, which is the predecessor of the Swiss watch. The first Swiss table is evolved from a carriage, and the truck watch is the ancestors of the Swiss watch. Bet now, a lot of Swiss tables have inherited the shadow of ancient European carriage table. For example, the superb tabular technique of the carriage is filled with the luxury atmosphere of the European society. With a Swiss watch, we can understand the European trucks and the long history of Europe.

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