Time is money, efficiency is life

Our Millennium Thinker Marx is a person who is very cherished and very sensible. Marx has a pocket watch, which has been accompanying Marx, until Marx. For Marx, this pocker is the closest partner of Marx and is the most important comrades in Marx. This pocket watch helps Marx allocation time to help Marx complete a lot of theoretical writing. This pocket watch is very important to Marx’s significance, and it is also very important for international communist movements and workers’ movements.

Marx’s later generation Robert-Let Lau, who has saved Marx’s legacy, that is, the pocket watch of Marx, that is, he inherited from Marx’s friend William Walvern, and engraved Mark, Helena Demut, Engels’ name and date of death, as well as letting Longge and Robert – let the name of Longge.

Marx’s life is very important. His theory, there are many inseparable. Marx believes that the goods are produced for sale, which is the product of human social productivity to a certain historical stage, suitable for use in exchange. The value of the commodity refers to the unrecritical human labor condensed in the goods.

In Marx, there is no difference in human labor that we spend in the goods, the more valuable goods. For example, we produce a bicycle spending a non-tricky human labor is 10 hours, then the non-trustable human labor that produces a car is 100 hours. Then the value of the car is higher than the value of the bicycle.

So we spend more time, then the value we have created will also be. In this way, time is money, time is productivity. If we spend some time, our income will be higher. Because we have created greater value for the factory through labor, then the factory will also give us higher salary. If we have less time, then our salary will be very low.

In addition, if we spend more time in learning, then our learning results are better, we can also admit name universities, and the income after graduation is different. The excellent college is getting better, then our income will be higher. Because we spent more in learning, we spend more mental work. These mental labor we spend will bring us greater compensation, the higher our income.

Time is such a precious, time is also an endless. Marx once said that over time, the watch pointer returns to the original position, but it has been transit. In other words, over time, everything is changing, so time is very precious, we will also become old, so we have to cherish time, work hard work and learn.

Nowadays, we have entered the era of economic globalization. In such an era, the world is connected to an inextricable whole. So fierce competition is carried out in the world. This competition includes not only economic competition, commercial competition, but also includes cultural competition and political military competition, which is a multi-faceted competition. Therefore, all countries in the world have successfully grasped the time. Under such an economic globalization, if we still don’t think it is the same as before, then we will be overtaken by others, we will be surpassed by others.

Therefore, time is fair to each country, different countries are well utilized. Every minute must create unexpected achievements. Time is money, efficiency is life. All countries in the world have improved their own corporate production efficiency, producing more labor products, so you can earn more foreign exchange. This is the result of utilizing time.

After our China, after the reform and opening up, we have realized this. After the reform and opening up, Shenzhen as a special area, used for 40 years, developed from a small fishing village into an international metropolis, becoming an international comprehensive transportation hub, an international technology industry innovation center, the global ocean center. This is amazing achievement is the importance of our time. We have begun to think that time is very pressing, we will feel very precious, and it is necessary to fight for it. We have to launch a contest with the world’s big country, we have to compete with the world’s strong country. This is what we need to do.

China is no longer living in the world, but is running with developed countries, striving to create another miracle, these miracles, what we have seized the opportunity of time, these miracles are also our cherish time Result. How important is visible time.

Swiss aerospace form, as a Swiss brand mechanical table, is a watch that promotes cherished time. Since the beginning of China, many watches have been produced, and the watch is sold well and become world famous watch brands. The Swiss Baohang’s famous table not only pays attention to time, but also understands time. Be good at explore time through profound understanding, recording time. Through the understanding and understanding of time, combined with the views of design aesthetics and art aesthetics, develop many beautiful and exquisite watches and become synonymous with elegant and luxurious fashion in the watch field. Swiss Baohang’s name, also running with time. Every minute is money, every minute, every second, is efficiency. We strive to improve labor productivity, improve product quality and production, to get more users’ respect and recognition, let more users know the Swiss aerospace form, let more users walk into Swiss treasure Availability, this is the cause of the Swiss Baohang’s famous watch.

Looking forward to tomorrow, the Swiss Baohang’s watch will further achieve greater development, and more people will create greater success because they wear Swiss treaschers!

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