Watch maintenance: Do not wear a watch to wash your face, take a shower

Now, when we buy a watch, we will see the waterproof depth of the watch. Some watches waterproof reaches 30 meters, and some of the watches will reach 50 meters or 100 meters or even 200 meters. When we bought a watch, we think that the 50-meter waterproof watch can go down 50 meters under water, think that the water meter has a good waterproof function. So wear a watch to wash your face, swim, think so that your watch will not enter the water. In fact, such a behavior is wrong, the waterproof of the watch reaches 30 meters or 50 meters, just a reference number, there is no waterproof level of the professional dive meter. Even the waterproofing is 100 meters, we can’t dive too deep, because the dive is too deep, it will damage the watch movement. If you want to dive until a deeper underwater, the waterproofing can do 200 meters.

So the watch we worn is very easy to enter the water. Once you have encountered water, the watch crown, the watch, etc., the movement, etc., the movement will be lost, resulting in the movement of the core, so it will be damaged. So in daily life, you don’t wear a watch, you don’t wear your watch, so you don’t worry about your watch. Once you have a source of water, we have any changes even in the outside, there is a damage inside the watch, and the movement will rust soon.

After the watch is used for a while, the waterproof function will aging, and the waterproof rubber is hardening, aging, loss of elasticity. In winter or summer air-conditioning room, once the temperature difference is large, there will be fog on the watch dial, and the pointer of the dial can be seen after the fog. When the fog is generated on the dial, a small water bead will produce a small water bead. At this time, the watch has been invested and the movement will rust. So we must always keep your watch dry, and you can’t wear a watch, or wash your face. Sometimes in the bathroom or a steam bath and a more humid environment, the temperature difference is relatively large, the air in the hand will run outwards, this time the watch will enter the wet air in the outside, once in the cold environment outside, very fast It will atomize, and the inside of the watch will appear, and the watches after the atomization will be impaired. The movement will be damaged.

So we try not to let the watch close to the wet place, but to keep your watch dry. This way, the watch will not enter the water, nor does it appear atomization, and the watch will use longer time. Watch waterproof, is just a reference, and the general watch cannot reach the waterproof level of professional dive meter, so you can’t do waterproof. We can also believe that the business advertisement, think the watch waterproof is 30 meters or 50 meters, you can wear the face, taking a bath, rain, etc., these are wrong, protect the good watches to use longer.

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