Is there any sound in a good mechanical watch?

Yes, but the sound is low.




1. The watch movement is self-winding and has an eccentric pendulum, which can feel when shaking, but cannot make a loud noise. The sound quality should be clear, regular, and noise-free. Although the volume of five syllables is different, it changes quickly, basically cyclic. All watches have a sound, mechanical watches will also have a sound, and the sound will be loud and normal when used for a long time. The new watch I bought had “less sludge” inside, and the resonance sound was louder. After waiting 3-4 years, some sludge accumulated and the sound became smaller.




2. In automatic mechanical watches, some have balls inside, and use the power of the balls to drive the movement of the pointer. When you shake the watch, the ball hears a sound, which is normal. The sound quality cannot judge the quality of the watch, but from the perspective of the sound quality, the mute effect is good, indicating the internal structure of the watch, the mechanical parts are well matched, and the workmanship is more delicate; only electronic watches are silent, quartz watches and mechanical The watch has a sound.




3. The watch is not a continuous sweep second quartz watch. Motors that continuously scan for a second have a higher frequency, so it sounds difficult. Mechanically, it’s all noise. But most of the sounds are not loud and small, but you can hear them by listening carefully. In the development of human timekeeping technology, radio-controlled clocks are the fifth generation of timepieces after the hourglass, sundial, mechanical clock, and quartz clock.

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