The development trend of Swiss movement: performance is getting better and better

In the development of the watch industry, producing many types of watches. For example mechanical, electronic watches, quartz and the like. Electronic and quartz watches as cheap, high accuracy, so very popular, nowadays, many people will choose electronic watches, quartz watches for themselves, because it watches the price is very cheap.

But there are still many people choose mechanical watches. Although mechanical error is larger than the electronic form, but many high-end mechanical watches or watch lovers become a favorite. Because many people choose mechanical watches, is to feel the beauty of the mechanical operation. Mechanical watch after a long time of development, is now becoming more and more high precision. The first mechanical, watchmaking simple, fewer parts, watch error is large, we often need calibration time, it can be used.

Switzerland, as the watches of the Kingdom, has been to produce high-quality mechanical watch movement and famous. Swiss mechanical watches have also been improved, its functions become more complex, more and more movement parts, quality is getting higher and higher. It is precisely because Swiss mechanical watch trying to continue to improve, only to the status of Swiss watches unshakable. Complex due to mechanical watch movement, generally allow greater travel error range ± 45 seconds movement Observatory smaller error, is within the normal error day -4 to + 6 seconds. In terms of storage, the earlier mechanical energy storage is 35 hours. But now, the error of mechanical watches is much smaller than before. Swiss mechanical movement of a error, within 48 hours, the error can not be greater than 2 seconds. In terms of storage, Swiss movement energy storage can reach 48 hours. This shows that the Swiss mechanical watch is still evolving.

So we buy a mechanical watch, we can enjoy the precise timing of mechanical watches. Do not worry mechanical watches have large errors. Now Swiss mechanical watch, the error is already in a very small state. A qualified Swiss mechanical movement watches, a month of error will not be greater than 30 seconds, so watch before they can provide us with accurate timing, we can make better use of Swiss mechanical watches.

In general, the quality Swiss movement is the best, followed by Japan movement, and finally domestic movement. Switzerland Baohang As a Swiss watch brand watches, each watch the pursuit of excellence. Watch all imported movement, this movement is more long-term storage, the error is smaller, longer service life. This watch is the high quality watches.

We use the watch, chronograph watch is the most important function, so the accuracy of watches for the needs of higher degree of error need to be smaller. Secondly, we also consider the watch appearance, texture and so on. So Baohang Swiss watches always pursued in this plane, to achieve transcendence. Not only to watch the error becomes smaller, but also further enhance the life of the watch, this will give us the maximum benefits. Now Swiss mechanical movement, than in the past to improve its precision mechanical watches a lot, we have nothing to worry about the inconvenience caused due to the error is larger and we fully believe that time Swiss mechanical movement can give us.

In the near future, through the efforts of watchmakers, Swiss mechanical movement will get bigger performance improvement will not only develop more feature-rich watches, will further reduce error and improve the accuracy of the watch, movement energy storage will be longer service life will be longer. I believe more and more good performance Swiss movement, it will become a favorite of the majority of the Friends of the table!

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