What is the watchmaker of the literati pen?

The watch can not only record 24 hours, but also record the date and the week, and year, so the timing of the watch is very rich, the work is very role. In the book, many writers have used their watch. There is no time, what happened at the time could not record. So only the watch can provide accurate time. American writer Henry David Thoren once in the world of Walden, Walden, Corld, self-cultivated, experience simple and close to nature, with this long prose written in the subject matter “Walden” Lake”.

In the book, talk about him to measure the geography and water near Walden, because he used to learn measurements, so he can understand accurate geographic data. For time data, he has also done a lot of accurate measurements. For example, he accurately measures the time and freezing time of Valden Lake.

“In the 1845 years, Walden’s full frozen first night is night in December 22, in the early ten days, Yulingte and other shallow lake mango have been freezed; four six The year is the night of the sixteen; about the past 31 days at the end of the 31st day; is about 57 days; in the second year, January 5; for five or three years, twelve On the 31st day. Since November 25, the snow has been accumulated on the ground, and the scene of the winter is in front of me. “

“For 1845 years, Walden is all freezed on April 1; for four or six years, March 25; four or seven years, April 8; May 28, March 28; Two years, April 18; May 33, March 23; May 3, approximately on April 7. “

The time and freezing time of Walden Lake is different every year, but it is done on the same day, so you need to know the time of frozen or freezing on the same day, this requires the timing equipment, the watch is An indispensable tool.

Jia Hou in the Dream of the Red Mansion is a very rich famous name, and there is a watch in the family. When Liu Wei entered the national government, he introduced the watch of Jiafu. Liu Wei didn’t know what something at the time, thought it was a screen of sieve, but it was actually a watch. Such a clock is to showcase the wealth and status of Jiafu, and guests can find the status and wealth of Jiafu.

Liu Wei only heard the sound of the sound, and there seems to be a general, unwind to the east. I suddenly hanged a scorpion in the pillars in the house, and I fell a scales, but I couldn’t live in a mess. Liu Wei thought: “What is this passion? Is there anything?” When you stay, just listen properly, if the golden bell copper is general, not preventing an exhibition. Then there is eight or nine.

The ancient Chinese clock is Ming Dynasty, and the European missionary entered China and Guangzhou trade opened, Western clocks began to enter China as gifts and goods. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the watch became a play of royal. In the Kangxi period, it is very interested in the watch and collected a lot of Western clocks. Therefore, Cao Xueqin written in the “Dream of Red Mansions” in Jiafu, there is a watch, and it is not surprising.

Watches have always been a symbol of identity and taste. Nowadays, the Swiss Baohang has become a very fashionable and elegant watch brand. It has a high-end Swiss watch that can not only provide us, but also show our identity and status, and the role is unparalleled.

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