How many hours have you been in the end?Gold agencies are always with you

If a person can live to 100 years old, 12 months a year,

In fact, only 1200 months in his life.

We all want to be in this valuable 1200 months,

We can take more roads,

Read more books,

Complete more dreams.

Therefore, time management, efficient application time is particularly important.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation,

Boao Forum for Asia forum, Mr. Long Yongcha, Secretary-General,

It is coming out of the mountains in Guizhou.

He has received a lot of grievances and has also been discriminated against.

These stimulate him to double their efforts, continue to learn,

And achieved his ideals.

The first occasion,

He was temporarily pulled to the director of the Foreign Economic Link Committee as translation.

The second occasion,

The Director of the United Nations Planned UNDP visited China.

The Director has a strong US Texas accent,

Generally, the translation is difficult to understand,

Long Yongchao completed the life of the life.

What we see is the story of chance to change the fate twice.

Is it a motivational story that is an opportunity to achieve hero?

of course not.

Behind the story,

It is Mr. Long Yong Tu to work after a tense work.

Take advantage of all empty time update knowledge reserves.

Because many people are almost,

Only compete in the night,

It is only possible to surpass countless people.

The ancient cattle people are the masters of time management.

One of them is Benjamin Franklin on a hundred dollars.

His time management is admired by the world.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States opened a country.

He is a famous politician, physicist, inventor, literary, entrepreneur, social activist.

Political, one of the important leaders when he is an independent war in the United States.

In science, he is a famous physicist and inventor.

Create “positive electricity, negative electricity, conductive body, battery, charging, discharge”, etc.

And the first part of the “Charge Conservation Law” was proposed.

It also invented a series of products such as lightning protection needles, double-focus glasses, frog shoes.

He is the pioneer of North American postal system reform,

It is the first director of the US State Administration.

Found a hospital in Pennsylvania,

This hospital has become the first hospital in the United States in the future.

As a famous publisher,

Published the first newspaper “Pennsylvania” in Philadelphia,

The published businesses have published the first medical monographs and the first novels.

His life is the sum of life of many outstanding characters.

So how do he finished so much in his life?

It is to list the target, efficient management time, and improve the efficiency of processing transaction.

In fact, the world is the richest, most successful person and everyone.

It has the same 24 hours a day.

It has the same 7 days a week.

They are outstanding,

It is because they work smartily.

Not more working hard.

Mr. Zhang, founder of our company, especially loved watch,

His first job is to work in the table factory production line.

In 2005, he founded his table factory.

Go to today’s Baohang Name Group.

These more than 20 years of spring and summer, autumn and winter,

His enthusiasm for watch is never retreat.

Let more people put on the trekky table,

Is one of his biggest wishes.

Because the treasure of the treasure is – escort,

I hope more people put on the treasure market to explore the future and find more beautiful.

Founder – begins with a watch, becomes a watch, for a long time!

It is his love, it is his admiration for time.

He hopes more people to wear a treasure watch to take the north,

And make full use of limited time to create unlimited possibilities,

To undertake greater responsibility and make more contributions.

Baohang Name – escorting a dream man.

Baohang Name – escort for the struggle.

Baohang Name – escort the owner of Dai Baohang.

Baohang Name – Foot Diamond Six

This model BH8040GL

This table can be given to a couple,

Suitable for life venues, it is also suitable for business situations, and wild.

Case – Foot Gold 999, for a long time.

Skiroscopy – anti-wear sapphire glass, wear resistant to damage.

Table Needle – Golden Dimensions, Fashion Respect.

Tablet – leather, natural material, skin-friendly.

Waterproof – 50 meters, even in water of 50 meters deep, waterproof.

How many hours have you been in the end?

A year is 8760 hours, 52 weeks, 168 hours a week.

Time is particularly limited, I hope that the treasure is accompanied by you.

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