Wait on the stars on the wrist, the birthplace

Our stars have always been the topic of people talking about. From the Northern Pleets that people are familiar with, they will provide us with a position of Beidou, and become the sky we are well known. There is also a Venus, Chang Geng, and the dazzling Tianli Xing, etc., will provoked our infinite delusion of the stars. The sky is like a dazzling light hanging in the sky, it has been shining.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Sky” became a classic. This picture shows the unlimited imagination of the painter, wonderful.

Ancient people, from the horoscope of the sky, you can see the evolution process of the era, and you can speculate in the people ‘s disturbance. For example, there is a phenomenon in the sky, it will judge that there will be wars or deaths in the world. Mars invaded the heart, this sky symbolizes the emperor’s disaster. During the Qin Dynasty, it was confusing, there was a fall in the East County. After landing, it turned into a stone, and finally, Qin Shihuang died on the way out of the tour.

Baohang name watch gynewheel is full of star, is a starry watchmaking watch, which is a grateful thing for the watchmaking master and is about the outstanding works of the stars. The watchmaker showed us a wonderful starry star through our own care, such a watch is not only poetic, but also a wonderful. Baohang name watch gynewheel is full of starry, using Swarovski elements, can show the shine dreams of 360 degrees, like a starry sky. Star diamond dial, can increase our understanding of the sky, will make us more flashing. This is a watch that is very worthy of starting, we can wear the stars on the wrist.

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