When the snow white winter meets the watch

Cold winter

North wind whistling

Heaven snowflakes

That is like a chalk ash

Brush white Jiangshan


Midsummer and Golden Autumn

Go away from us


Harsh winter

Winter color is more beautiful

Winter atmosphere is more harder

This season

Unlike so gorgeous

Not as distinguished as autumn

But more firm

Winter is a lonely season

No grass grows

No hundred flowers bloom

But only the land left

A piece of snow

Crystal clear snowflake

Let the whole world silver

Winter watch is more enthusiastic

Will give us more temperature

Winter watch is also more firm

Will give us more energy

Watches in winter will also give us

More expectations

Looking at the pointer on the dial

We look forward to the spring of spring.

Winter watch

Should be like snowflakes

Crystal clear

It should also be like a hard glacier.

Resist any wind, rain, snow

Winter starry sky

More dazzling

On the land of the sky

We can understand the mystery of the universe

Baohang name watch gynecope full star

A watch that shines with a starry star

Get a beautiful winter with you

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