Baohang Name: Swiss brand watch with Swiss movement

In terms of the movement of the watch, many watches are selected from different movements. Unlike the movement, the storage, errors, and life of the watch is different. In general, many high-end watches select an inlet movement, and the imported movements include Swiss movements or Japanese movements. But there are also many low-end watches, which will not adopt imported movements, but use low-priced domestic movements. However, the quality of the domestic movement has not yet reached the level of imported movements. For example, the core of the domestic movement is large, the movement error is large, the movement is small, etc., it is not the imported movement.

So what is the difference between the Swiss movement and the Japanese movement in the movement?

The first is the difference between the price. Under normal circumstances, the Swiss movement is better than the Japanese movement, so the watch of the Swiss movement is used, most of the price is higher than the Japanese movement. So there is only a few high-end watchs to choose the Swiss movement, followed by the Japanese movement.

In addition, the manufacturers of Swiss movements and manufacturers of Japanese movements are different. Most of the Swiss movements are mostly selected by the Swiss ETA movement, while most of the Japanese movements are the West Rail City and Seiko Movers. Nowadays, many light luxury wrists, such as models, will choose Japan’s West Rail City movement as a watch, such a watch, although it is not a high-grade of the Swiss moving watch, it is also very fashionable, becoming a lot Light luxury watch lovers’ favorite. The Swiss ETA movement is mainly based on 2892, 2836 and 2824. It is mainly based on 9015, 8215, 8205, NH35 using the Japanese Airlines City and Seiko Movement.

Error: The error of the Swiss movement is smaller than the Japanese movement. The error of the Swiss movement is about 2 minutes a month. The error of the Japanese movement is not at this level.

Energy storage: Swiss core storage can reach 48 hours, but the Japanese core storage can only reach 42 hours.

Maintenance: Swiss movement 8 years maintenance oil once. The Japanese movement is maintained once 3-5 years.

Life: If the Swiss movement is good, the life can reach more than 60 years. Even if the Japanese movement is maintained, it will not meet the life of the Swiss movement.

摆 频: The Swiss movement reaches 28,800 times / hr. The Japanese movement is generally 21 drill, 24 drill, swing frequency 21800 and 28800.

Seconds: The Swiss ETA movement is generally 8 per second. Japan West Town is 3 per second, and other Japanese movements are generally 5 per second.

Swiss treasure table, there are a variety of watches with Swiss movements, such as flight series, private custom dragon feathers, private custom crocodile leather, private custom single calendar Buddha print Tai Long The movement of the movement is also higher than the watch price of the Swiss movement.

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