How is the first Swiss table in the world birth?

Switzerland is a world-famous watchdow kingdom. However, Switzerland is not the world’s first country in the world. Origin of the world’s first clock on the UK. There is a story here, what is the Swiss watch industry is produced.

Before many years ago, an British intended to travel to Italy. On the way, he made a short stay in a town in southern Switzerland. The British is driving a carriage, and a carriage is equipped on the carriage. This truck watch is the earliest shape of the watch.

At this time, a shop waiter saw this truck watch. The waiter doesn’t know what this is, and I ask what the British is what. “That is a carriage”, the British replied: “This machine can help us, but now this machine stops running.”

The store waiter immediately said that he can fix it. So this tourist handed his carriage to this clerk. The clerk is a very smart person, so we don’t have to surprised him that he spends a lot of energy to re-repair this truck watch.

Subsequently, the passenger left the store, and the store waiter began to make a watch with the same style as the carriage. This is the first clock in Switzerland history. Since then, Switzerland produces its own watch industry, and people around the world can buy Swiss watchms in the story.

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