“Three days” show the most realistic mass and mass life, the birthday table

“Three-day” is a observed documentary, which records the flow crowd in fixed places with the lens. There is no script, with the viewers of the observer, show the most authentic mass and mass life.

Three days, for our ordinary people, it is a short period of time, we may have left very far away on the road of life, and the life of the decades has passed, and there is no life. How to spend every second in each second. Then we will cut into pieces three days according to the film, which may be more realistic to react our lives. Although we do a lot of dreams every day, we look up at the wonderful things every day, but if we can realize our 3 days of life, we may be able to understand a true us more.

The world is different, the life of different people is different, and each of our people will not be the same at different stages. Three days, we have experienced waiting, struggle, success, failure, hope, disappointment, happiness, sadness, etc., will be presented within three days. Three days, although it is not very long, we will understand the true life after we see it clearly.

Twelve of the twelve scholars, such as death roads, game halls, fish market terminals, fight clubs, youth apartments, develop theater, desire city, late night cafeteria, commune building, art park, Hengdian photo studio, Antarctic twelve Location. These twelve locations have a characteristic, taunt. People in different locations may experience different life. Death road, people spend the throne and passion of life; the game hall is a young game life; the fish market terminal is the dock fisherman’s dock; the fighting club is struggling Life; Youth Apartment is a dream of dreaming of dreams; developing the theater is a dream come true; the desire of the city is a hundred and white collar; late night canteen spent the night seating and drinking life; The building spent the residents of the residents and the life of the residents; the art paradise spent the art of the art in the city; the Hengdian photo studio spent a famous journey of the flies; the South Pole, the world is the end of the world Calm life.

Three days, we need to deepen and calculate our time. Our time is not returned, we have a fund for the golden years, we need us to pay the price. So, no matter which place we go, will be careful. Because we don’t like this place, then we will feel very meaningful. So our time needs to cherish, three days of life, may also refraction our lives, because in just three days, there is a big relationship with our life and later.

In the days, there is a successful glory, and there is a failure. When we found that we moved to success, we may know how much we have paid for success, how much sweat is swayed. So will let us go success. When we fail, we will think about it. What is the cause of the failure, is that we are not strong enough or an opponent is too powerful, can we save the failure?

Baohang’s famous table, as a watch from Switzerland, with peace and happiness, meaning, I hope we can peace and peace, we can be happy, we can stay good. This is what we hope. The birthmark of the treasure sailing will escort our life, and will escort our future. The birthday table will bring more good luck and blessings to you, let you have more happiness.

Whether we are in the fish market, or in Youth Apartments, we may have to choose a more meaningful watch, the watch can not only bless us, the watch will also put our lives, this is the watch our. We are very likely to create greater success in the future. We will be able to create greater glories in the future. Our watch will give us unlimited blessings and good luck! Baohang’s famous table, protect you to escort!

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