Time, it is a book that cannot be read.

Time is a book that cannot be read. In the universe we live, it contains two aspects, one is space, the other is time. Our space requires a ruler to measure. And our time needs to be measured with a clock. Many people pay attention to space, but they don’t pay attention to time, people who don’t pay attention to time will waste great youth, and the career will beatted. People who use good time are often more successful, often more excellent.

Take advantage of the past, people tend to pursue how much space they have, but do not pay attention to how much they occupy themselves. We have a dream that there is an undeaded Jiangshan, a wide palace and a unclear industry. This is our pursuit of space. We hope that you have a bigger space, how to succeed, but I don’t know more space is not necessarily success, we still have to have more time. “Good song” in the “Dream of Red Man” became a classic, which also contains profound truth.

The world is good, but the name is not forgotten!

Where is the ancient and modern? The ridiculous grass is gone.

The world is very good, only gold and silver can’t forget!

I have only hateful gathers, and I have been closable.

The world is very good, only the wife can’t forget!

Junsheng said grace in the day, and the killing will come.

The world is very good, only the children can’t forget!

If you are in ancient parents, who is filial?

The room is empty, and the bed is full of bed; the gap is eager to eat.

The spider silk is full of carved beams, and the green gauze is foolish on the pool. What is the lipid, powder is fragrant, how can two 鬓 鬓 成?

Yesterday, the yellow righteousness sent a white bone.

The gold full box, the silver is full box, and the people are turned into a man.

I am sighing that others are not long, knowing that they return!

Training is a strong beam. Select a plaster, who takes hope to fall in the fireworks!

Because the suspect is small, causing the lock, pity yesterday, the cold is cold, and the purple is long.

If you have a chaotic, you sing me to debut, and the hometown is hometown. It’s ridiculous, I’m going to marry others!

Time is a book that cannot be read, and the time is also a ship that can’t be caught. How many people have lived in luxurious life, how many people have been, but in front of the long river at this time, we must be low-headed, we have to be buried by time. This is time, so we have to know time, we have to understand time.

Whether the time is what the book is said yesterday and today. Jiafu in the Dream of the Red Man, has had a brilliant yesterday. In that era, the gold is like the soil, and the pearl is like a sand, and it is rich and rich. But this also can’t stand the test. In the face of a hurried, they will definitely invertising will be bankrupt. Have you thought about speaking yesterday and today? Yesterday’s luxury and corruption, only waiting for the desolate and defeat today.

The Red Man Dream will give us a meaningful inspiration, that is, we have to see the existence of time. If we don’t know how to make a long flow, if we don’t know how to cherish time, then we will only let yourself fall in the short term. Now it seems that it is important to do a good job. Do a good job of management, which means that we can’t have a lot of luxury every day, we can’t do it every day. As a big family is a truth, the same is true for each of us. This feudal big family in the Dream of the Red Mansion is not always when it is, but it is ruined when it is in the event. So we can know that invert terms of the big family in the Red Mansions, it is lost to the years.

China’s ancients have attached to the time, all in research time, all are driving time. In front of time, we need to have the right as the right as it will be more successful. If we don’t know how to understand the time in front of time, we will also be destroyed.

In the “Journey to the West”, the opening will give us the number of heavens and the earth, the son, ugly,,,,, 午, 未,, 酉, 戌, is the twelve land, the child is yang, And ugly chickens; 寅 光 光, 则 日;, 巳 排 排 排;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In large numbers, if you come to the end of the event, it’s fainting in the world. This is the author’s understanding, the author believes that our evolution of our world is not a long, but experience a long process. Since the ancient times, it has experienced a long time to have this look. So time for us, we have to arrange our things in accordance with the development process of time, we must abide by the rules of time and understand the rules of time. Compliance with time law, we can stay in Changsheng, we will violate the time, will lead to a lot of failure.

For example, the seedlings will help, we are eager to grow rapidly, mature, become harvested, but we need to make a seed seed fertilizer, weed, wait so we can harvest the final harvest of the seedlings. But if we are eager to seek, pull the seedlings out, so although it seems that the seedlings are growing high, we violate the heavens, violating the natural, the seedlings will die, our hard work is also white, this is our compliance time reason. And a story of steps that we can reach a high level or extent in a short period of time, in fact it is impossible. Success needs to be accumulated, slowly study, so it will gradually move, but if we plan to eat a fat man, or step by step, it is a mistake. About time, ancient classic book “Zhou Yi” attaches great importance to the evolution and time development, and advocates that the law needs to respect the time of respect, so it will be more successful, otherwise it will recruit disasters.

In “Zhou Yi”, Daming is said to Daming, meaning that time evolution, just like the East Raising of the sun, repeatedly running. The 24 hours a day is divided into 6 stages, which is six times. This six referring to six 爻 易 经 经 经. The change process of the six-爻 is one day, the sun rises from one to six, just like the sun rises, and has experienced a long process. From astronomy, the time and time of the sun fall, each is 12 hours, just like Zhou Yizhong six, it is three, the same below. The sun is in the following three, meaning that the sun has not risen, the sun is above three, meaning the sun has risen. The sun is so repeatedly, and the East Raising is the same as the time change.

There are 8 elements in Zhou Yi, just like each of our 12 hours a day, we have passed one of them every 1.5 hours. The eight embossed elections in Zhou Yi is a dry one, two, away from three, shock four, 巽五, 六,, Kun 8. These eight figures also symbolize the eight forms of time, is an objective development rule, and we need to comply with its development law. And Zhou Yi’s gossip is the earliest time concept. We need to understand the rules of time changes in accordance with the enlargement of gossip. For nature development, we need to go to the time, so we can grasp the world more accurately, grasp the future, grasp the fate . If we don’t know how to understand time, don’t know how to do it, then why do we talk about success?

Zhou Yizhong’s “卦” is to tell us a story about a waiting. The development of things needs a waiting process, we can’t act rashly, and we can’t miss the opportunity. When you shoot, you will be accurate, you should be time, so that we can success. If we miss a good opportunity, you will be able to die early before you haven’t come, you will die early. If we come to attack, you will miss the opportunity of gold. Mencius said that we must understand the day when you grasp the day, the day is the excellent time node gives us, all of our waiting and preparation, is to have a more successful attack in this accurate day, will be more successful.

Zhou Yi “卦” said: Nine: Qianlong, do not use it. 1992: See the dragon and re-field, and earnest. 93: The gentleman is dry for the whole day, and if they are all, they will be safe. Ninth Four: Or jump in the foreigner, without duty. Nine Five: Feilong is in the sky, and the adult. Nine: 龙 龙 有. This is a process of development. We compare people than Dragon. When we start, we need to hide yourself, but you must not act rashly, but you want to keep moving. Over time, we need to gradually emerge, show your intelligence and your talents, so that we can be appreciated and reused by others, our career will gradually move. In this process, we need to be cautious, know how to accumulate energy. So in the end we will create brilliant success. When we succeed, we are like Jinlong, soaring in the sky, like Dapeng Wings. So this process is a process of grasping the time, and is also a process of respecting time. We need to know the existence of time, and we have to take advantage of time so that we can be more successful.

And in “need”, it is to tell us about the truth. Because for us, many conditions are not mature, so we have to wait. Waiting for the process, although it is a bit hard, but we have to see the last success. Don’t experience the wind and rain, how to see the rainbow. Miyun is not rain, self-western suburbs. The sky is already cloudy, this time is a raining, but there is no rain, this is a waiting process. So we have a lot of things, can’t act, can’t act. Just like Zhuge Liang, he used to hit in Longzhong, and he tillage in Nanyang, but his own talents, although there was no mature time, but he would not be discouraged, waiting for the opportunity to mature. Finally, Liu Bei personally personally learned three things, at this time, they finally let Zhuge Liang supported Liu Bei, and finally achieve the three-footed hegemony, so that Zhuge Liang became the country of the country. This story tells us that before success, we need to wait quietly, can’t be discouraged, you can’t give up, one day, we will see the dawn of victory.

So Zhou Yi this book tells us that there are a lot of things, we need difficulties and hard work, and success, and success will eventually belong to those who are brave enough to work.So in front of time, we must understand the time, understand the time, and use time.In this way, we can achieve yourself as an unusual achievement, this is time.Time is a book that cannot be read, the time is also a way you can’t finish, we need to read the time, know the time, and control the time.Swiss models, a watch that promotes cherished time, bring us a good time reference.Through the Swiss aerospace name, we can know the lapse of time, we can better grasp the time.The Swiss Baohang’s watchpad passed the Swiss makeup for time, and also passed the Swiss makeup for time aesthetics, time is so beautiful, time is so fast.Time is like a river that is unrelenting with Chuanxuan, so we have to cherish time and strive to create a very unusual great cause!Dai Baohang’s name, Tertrone’s road!

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